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The active component of the drug are immunoglobulins having antibody activity of different specificities. The drug also has non-specific activity, which is manifested in the increasing resistance of the organism. Treatment of severe bacterial and masteron only cycle toxic infections, postoperative complications, accompanied by bacteremia and sepsis. Immunovenin immediately before administration is dissolved in the accompanying solvent – water for injection. After dissolution, the drug is a colorless or slightly yellowish transparent liquid, is allowed slight opalescence. Immunovenin used only in a hospital environment while respecting all rules of asepsis. Not suitable for use and drug solvent bottles with broken integrity, labeling, as well as changing the transparency of the solvent, with an expired shelf life masteron cycle, if not properly stored when you change the color of the drug and solvent. The drug should be dissolved completely within less than 10 minutes in a volume of the supplied solvent. The dissolved drug must not be stored.

Adverse reactions. The reactions to introduce immunovenina usually absent. In individuals with altered reactivity may develop allergic reactions of various types, and in extremely rare cases -anafilaktichesky shock, and therefore the person who received the drug should be under medical supervision. In the room where the drug is administered, there should be means of anti-shock therapy. Immunovenin not administered to persons with a history of allergic reactions to blood products. (In cases of severe sepsis only contraindication for administration is anaphylactic shock in the blood products in history.) Persons suffering from allergic diseases (asthma, atopic dermatitis, recurrent urticaria) or prone to allergic reactions, administration of the preparation is carried out against the background of antihistamines. It is recommended masteron before and after to continue their administration within 3 days after treatment. During an exacerbation of allergic process of administration of the preparation is carried out at the conclusion of an allergist for health reasons. Persons suffering from diseases, the genesis of which are leading immunopathological mechanisms (systemic connective tissue disorders, immune blood disease, glomerulonephritis), a drug prescribed after consulting an appropriate expert. The drug is used only prescribed by a doctor. Introduction immunovenina register within the established registration form indicating the batch number, check number, expiry date, the manufacturer, the date of administration masteron side effects, the dose and the nature of infusion reactions.

The interaction with other drugs. Transfusion immunoveninom therapy masteron only cycle can be combined with other drugs, with the exception of the drug mixing with other drugs.

Product form. Produced together with the solvent. The kit includes one bottle with the preparation of the lyophilized volume of 25 ml or 50 and 25 with the bottle 1 or 50 ml of solvent (water for injection), respectively. 1 set masteron only cycle of instructions for use in a stack of cardboard. 1 set with the system for blood transfusion and instructions for use in a stack of cardboard.

Conditions of supply. Dispensed by prescription. buy jintropin online anabolic steroid tablets proviron tablets for sale

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